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Forever.... In The Arms of Jesus.

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Jesse James  McEathron.  who was born in Colorado on September 13, 1990 and called to heaven on March 18, 2009.  Forever 18.                                                                                               

Jesse James was sadly taken from us by a drunk driver. Forever in Our Memories and Our Hearts..

                                              Nothing Is Impossible, When God is on your side.



Heavenly Father, You have said that whenever 2 or more gather in your name, that you will be in their midst. Well, Lord here we are and we are certainly more than two. .  Bless the lives of all who gather here and all who are with us in spirit.   We ask you, Lord to bless this celebration of his life. You sent him to us for but a little time and yet, I come to find that he impacted the lives of so many in his short journey.  Be with us as we take time to live in the moment of sharing his life, as we pray for his soul, and as we comfort one another.  We know that you are the Great Comforter.  Help us to feel the presence of your love and the love of your son, Jesus Christ  who gave his life for us.

In Jesus name we pray.     Amen


Latest Memories
Jesse's Mom

I remember the day I found out I was going to be a Mommy, Grandma was cooking chicken and I started to get a little sick..and Grandma said "your pregnant" and I said "no way" ..(I was told I could not have children). Grandma took me to the store for a pregnancy test..I was laughing at her all the way..Well anyway I went down stairs..Took the test..and 5 min later started screaming and running up and down the stairs ..SHOUTING ."It's BLUE"! "It's BLUE"!..I called  your Dad in New york and he said what's the good word? and I said I'm pregnant..He said it's a boy and his name will be Jesse James..You truly were a miracle.

Auntie Toni

It was Easter, 1993 and I brought my beautiful daughter home from the hospital.  Jesse and Grandpa Tony were waiting for us to arrive. Jesse was so excited, he sat on the couch next to Grandpa and waited patiently for his turn to hold her.  We layed Alex in his lap and he could not stop kissing her and rubbing her head.  He would smile so big and say "I love hims hair".  We told him "Jesse she is a girl" and he would looked at us and say "Hims a her?"  That day Jesse and Alex became best friends and were pretty much inseparable.  I miss you Jesse James...  I love you always!



Quick Gallery
Jesse in Heaven Jesse's foot prints. Aunt Toni Gradation 2008 Cousin Alex Graduate 2008 Jesus loves me. Sister Makenzie Jesse 3 months. Jesse James Aunt Heidi Jesse after bath. Jesse James
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